Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thrift Store Haul 12/20/12

Thrift Store Sales today. Here is the haul.

                                                          All of these were from Goodwill for a dollar.

                                           All of these were from Hospice of Upstate for $0.75 a piece.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thrift Store shopping and refashioning

I am changing sizes all the time because I am finally loosing the baby weight, I haven't wanted to sew because I am still changing sizes so I went thrifting (and yes, dad, its a verb). I'll start posting my hauls and refashions, if I remember to take pictures. So lets get started.
 Several sizes too big but one quick seam down the side and tah-dah
Perfect fit. $1
 Again, several sizes too big, but this time I took it in on both sides, removed the zipper and reinserted it and shaped the seam in the back.
Perfect fit. Probably still need to iron it though. $1

This was a skirt I bought at Khol's during my pregnancy but I never wore it because the pick ups looked so weird. I took the pick ups out and thought about just leaving it a maxi skirt but then I got an idea. Behold...

I opened the two layer waistband, sewed across the top, leaving room for my head and room on the sides for my arms, and then cut the excess and made little sleeves. I then pinched the seams at the side and tacked them together in the back to make it fitted. Viola.
I found these lovely, wonderful ankle pants.

Now an awesome pencil skirt. $1