Friday, March 22, 2013

Chore chart

This chart is for me. Yes, I know I am an adult but I know how I work best and so far having a chart to mark progress is the most helpful. I made this out of an old wall calendar and packing tape. I use a dry erase marker to mark off tasks.
It is separated into sections of chores: daily, weekly, monthly, and blank space for temporary tasks.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

80's homage

This is an outfit I wore to church Sunday.
Skirt: refashion about $.25
Top: old
Cami: khol's. old
Shoes: target $9

Friday, March 8, 2013

Sunday Afternoons

This is what happens Sunday afternoons. Daddy takes a nap in the ZCU (Zane Containment Unit) and Zane plays, usually slapping him in the face several times. This particular day Dad had to go to another church meeting after he took a nap. He carpooled to the meeting and sat in a 2 hour meeting. It wasn't until he was on the way home that he wiped his face and realized Zane had smeared animal cracker goop on his face. Considering he was surrounded by men, its a good bet to say they probably didn't notice anything; but if they did, no one told him he had stuff on his face. We laughed about that for a couple days.

Minimal to no-sew refashions

 After: Goodwill $1.29 per pound. Took the bodice off and closed waistband
 Before: Goodwill $1.29 per pound
After: Chopped the top off, folded over material to make waistband and created a system of snaps to take it in and close it since it was too big and I couldn't use a zipper.
 Before: Goodwill $1.29 per pound
After. Took off halter top and now it is a high waisted skirt.