Friday, May 25, 2012

Baby Zane days three and four

We are home adjusting to the new life that we have and working hard to get it right. The dogs have yet to be introduced to the baby because we are being very cautious. They are very interested however and will watch the crib when he is in it. Zane apparently did not get the memo about only sleeping on his back because he will wiggle himself over to sleep on his side. Nights are by far the hardest and we are working hard. Aaron helps out as best he can but the only thing he really ever wants is food which is really my department so it is something we are working on. Today was the most active he has been so far, as expected, he was awake and looking around at things instead of just waking to cry for food. Aaron loves holding him and talking to him, every new face, of which there are many as he is the baby of a thousand faces in a matter of seconds, is exclaimed over and any little change is marveled at. Aaron is changing most of the diapers but I am still the only one to be christened during a diaper change. I guess that is something for Aaron to look forward to.

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