Monday, February 4, 2013

Tie front blouse

How do you tell if a blousy top is too big? I mean, it is supposed to be large so how do you tell if it doesn't fit.
Top:Goodwill $1
Skirt: JC Penny $11
Belt: Charming Charly's $5
Shoes: Shoes r 8.88  $8.88
Necklace: old
Earrings: Gift from mom

This top is an example. It fits in the shoulders and sleeves but I'm not sure if it is too full where it tucks in to the skirt. Also I know I am pale, too bad.

This is from today. I found this button up shirt that fits absolutely perfectly. I may have to try to make a pattern from this.
Shirt: Goodwill $1.29/lb
Jeans: Goodwill $1
Camisole: Walmart gift

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  1. It's a bit blousy. It depends on if it bother's you too much. You can always taper in the sides seams a bit. Good finds!