Monday, November 4, 2013

Journaling Idea

I am really bad at keeping a journal, that should be obvious by the amount of time I spend on keeping up with this blog. So I thought of a way that may improve my efforts. I know I have a hard time sitting down and just writing, it ends up sounding whiny or on the other extreme, bragging. I thought maybe I would have an easier time if I did weekly prompts. If I came up with a list of questions to write about each week, I know there is no way I will be able to keep a daily journal so lets not set myself up for failure. I have been racking my brain for some good questions, so here they are and I am open to suggestions:

1) Spiritual experiences from the week: times i have felt the spirit, prayers that have been answered, promptings I have received, missionary experiences. This will help me recognize them as they come along and by writing them down I can remember them and I also think it shows Heavenly Father and appreciation for his blessings

2) Weekly achievements: mine and my families
3) Goals for next week
4) Events that occurred in the week
5) A funny story
6) any realizations I had during the week

Any other suggestions?

1 comment:

  1. I like it....something to focus your writing. It will help focus your thinking about writing, too, I think!