Saturday, January 24, 2015

Some quick organization

I've been doing some organization; not as much as I'd like, but some. I was looking at my kitchen towels the other day and decided six years was long enough. They were stained and ready to be replaced so I got rid of all the old ones and bought a bunch of new ones at Ross.
Another project was the throw blankets in the living room. This project has seen many iterations and I think I finally found one that works for me. For awhile I used a cheap, white shoe organizer but it was flimsy and kept falling apart. Then I saw the ladder idea on pinterest but do you know how hard it is to find a wooden ladder at the thrift store, IMPOSSIBLE. But I bought a crib for $10 only to get home and realize pieces were missing so I used one side as my new throw blanket storage rack. I tied it to the mantle support.
The last item today is the bathtub storage. I hate tripping over bath toys while I am taking a shower but it was difficult to store the bath toys because if you were taking them out of the bath, they needed to dry and then you forget about them until you trip over them naked in the shower (not fun, mormon cursing ensues). So I saw a trick on pinterest and did it myself. I added another curtain rod in the back and then found curtain rings at the thrift store and plastic baskets at the dollar store. Ta-Dah

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