Monday, February 20, 2012

24 weeks, last week in 2nd trimester, by some counts

Here I am at 24 weeks. Finally obviously pregnant. I'm not feeling any but the occasional bout of nausea, and I have my energy back for the most part. Right now is just a waiting game. I have 16 weeks left to go, which doesn't seem like much time before  I'll be welcoming a new baby into the world. But, stated differently, I have three and a half months left to go which seems like much longer. I'm in limbo right now. So much still left to do but all happening in the future. The classes at the hospital happen in May, the baby shower is in May, my mom is coming to visit the middle of March and then in May, I ordered the crib but it still isn't here, I really am left with very little options of things to do. All the sewing projects for the nursery are on hold until the nursery furniture and my mom gets here. I have done some things.

Here is a little quilt I made once my husband, who previously had no opinions, stated his preference for sports stuff.

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