Monday, February 6, 2012

Last week recipes in review

Well, the sweet potato burritos are always delicious and filling and the shrimp salad is delicious
The Beef Peach Pie was one that my husband was leery about but he went back for thirds. It tastes like meatloaf with peaches on top. It works. The Spinach bread was good but I don't think my bread maker is. In the  last 30 minutes the loaf caved in. So it was good but dense and caved in the middle. Grrrr, I hate making bread but I'll keep practicing.
The honey lime enchiladas are awesome and so easy to make. I buy a cooked rotisserie chicken from the supermarket and pull it apart. For this recipe I only use half the chicken, the other half I put in a ziploc and freeze it. The tomato salad was a new recipe that I tried, it was very good and I think it would be very easy to throw it on top of lettuce to make it even more healthy.
The chili chicken soup was almost consumed with no leftovers. Everyone loved it. And so easy.
I didn't end up making the flautas since I wasn't feeling good on Friday, and the Moroccan beef and sweet potato fries I'm making tonight.

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