Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cars and Circular logic errors

Man, I haven't had too much time recently to write anything on my blog. But that also means that there is much to relate. Lets see, my husband moved out, his new job started Monday and so he drove out across three states on Saturday. Right before that the radiator decided to blow in my car, meaning my husband would either have to rent a car to drive to his new state or I would. We decided that renting a car for me was the better option. So we got me a car, and my husband found some woman who owns a tow truck to come over on Saturday and tow the car to the small repair shop. (It obviously was a good repair shop because the building was made of old, rusted corrugated metal and was located in a horrible part of town. I think those are the two indications that the repair shop is good) We get to the shop and my husband had left me strict instructions as to what I was supposed to do when I got there. He told me the price it would be, but can a woman in a garage on her husband's errands ever actually accomplish the task smoothly- NOOO. I got there and he was like, well this car is bigger than described on the phone (since when giving the make, model, and year of the car is not a specific enough identifier) and therefore would cost more money. At this point the tow truck had unloaded the car and left. I called my husband and he told me to just go with it. So I left and went about my weekend. But the saga continues to the picking up stage. I had the rental till Tuesday at 5:30, I of course get out of work around that time. I had wanted to pick up the car before work, but the radiator part hadn't even come in yet. So I got off of work and dropped the car at the dealership and had the dealership deliver me to the car fixer guy. Well I get there ( they had to wait for me since they close a 5) and I get my card out to pay when he says "Oh, we don't accept credit or checks, only cash." Had I or my husband been previously informed of this, absolutely not. Do I carry around cash in triple digit amounts, no I do not. So I had to take the car and find an ATM. After paying and on my way home a horrible noise began to manifest itself, so I pulled off the road, in my 4 inch heels and new dress, and pop the hood. Now I have no idea what I'm looking for, or at for that matter, but I saw no obvious signs of leaks or broken belts or anything in imminent danger of exploding so I got back in the car and went home. The noise continued to get worse. So now I have to go back to the man who only accepts cash and closes at 5, to have him fixed what he so obviously caused. Which means I will now be without a car. Grrrr. I hate not having a husband around to do this car crap.
On another note, to make today just that one step closer to insanity, or major irritableness, my allergies just had a field day. They got worse when I went to work and drank two bottels of water. You see when you blow gallons of liquid out of your nose in one day, well the first half of one day, you body tells you that liquids are needed. However, when you have a stuffy and runny nose, consuming large quantities of water means that the snot quite simply free-falls out of your nose- without warning. Not sluggishly either. I mean I was seriously having to catch it with a paper towel because it just dripped. Blegh
I did have a somewhat lighthearted moment today. On SaturdayI got a letter from the water company telling me that my check had been dated with the wrong date. This momentarily confused me because we use Suntrust banking and there is no way that an automatic check could have the wrong year. Sure enough, when I looked at the enclosed check and remittance slip they were to a different person and different account number. I couldn'tbelieve it. I was going to call on Monday but I found out the night before that it was a holiday. So, I called today. I explained my situation to the girl and, I kid you not, it went like this:

Me: Hi I recieved a letter stating that my check had the wrong date on it but the check is for a different account
Her: Could you give me your account number...Now could you give me the account number on the check. Okay thank you. Okay now you are saying that the letter is addressed to oyu and has your account number on it but the remittence slip nad check have a different number?
Me: Yes, but our check did not have the wrong date on it, so it looks like somehow something went wrong.
Her: So what your saying is that you have the right letter but wrong check?
Me: No, I'm saying the letter, payment slip, and letter are all for the same thing but the letter was addressed wrong.
Her: So you have the wrong letter but the right check
(At this point I had no idea what she was asking, I mean, what on earth...)
Me: No, you sent me a check that is for someone elses payment
Her: So you have the wrong check but the right letter
Me: pregnant pause...I really have no idea how to answer your question. What are you asking. All of the papers are the 'right' papers they just should not have anything to do with me.
Her:after putting me on hold for 5 minutes Okay, it looks like the two accounts are similar in the last 4 numbers and when the letter was being made, your account number was accidentaly put in and everything was sent to the wrong address
Me: slappingmy forehead in reaction to the total duhness of that Thats what I thought happened

It was actually funny, I mean the wrong letter but right check? Really, what does that mean?

Well, the house is getting finished and the move is progressing. So much still needs to be done but the majority of it is painting. The movers should be here in a couple weeks to move everything out, and then the carpet will be laid. And then my husband will fly down to drive through three states with me and our two dogs, one of which gets carsick. This should be a blast.

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  1. ...agh. I must admit I skimmed the telephone conversation. I didn't want to raise my blood pressure too much.

    You are assuredly a strong woman. I am such a baby I would be next to helpless in both of those situations without Brandon to give me step by step instructions.

    More power to you and good luck with your car-sick puppy.