Monday, January 25, 2010

Dancing, Work, and Home Repair (a recurring theme, I know)

Well, so much has been going on that I haven't had too much time to blog. But that also means that I have a lot to blog. So lets pick up where I left off.

The car was making a noise on my way home from the garage. The garage was closed so I couldn't just turn around and go back. I had to go back the next morning and I was not happy. I needed a car, and from my description of the noise, my husband was pretty sure it was the radiator fan. So I got up early the next morning and drove, noisily, to the garage. I pulled up and he didn't even ask to hear the noise. He knelt in front of the car and showed me the piece of the undercarriage that was hanging down in front of the passenger wheel. Yep, that is what the noise was, something rubbing on the tire. He didn't even cut it off, he just tucked it back up. It was humiliating. But now, I have one more thing to add to my car troubleshooting list. So far I have: check the temperature- the car is overheated, if the car is making a funny jerking while driving- the gas tank needs to be taken off and something in there needs to be replaced, if the steering wheel is flipping out- have a flat tire, and now, if it sounds like someone taped cards to my spokes- there is something rubbing on the wheel. Not a sophisticated or comprehensive list, but it's a start.

Friday night I put on a dance in our Ward. We had a surprisingly good turnout, about 40 people. It was so much fun. I did try to teach some swing and Latin but it kind of fell apart. I guess I'm not that good a teacher. But I had fun and everyone who came seemed to have fun. I am still sore from dancing barefoot all night.

So more updates on the house. I planned a painting party on Saturday, and a whopping two people showed up. They did alot though. They got the dark blue bedroom primered and ready for painting. I took all the bedroom, bathroom, and closet doors off the hinges and started painting them. I decided to spray paint them with a white coat as a primer and then paint them from there. That seemed to work out really well. My roommate took over in the afternoon and finished many of them. I feel like a bad landlord, I give them their own bathroom and then take away the door. Oh well. I sent the rest of the day and most of Sunday removing wallpaper in the bathroom. Seriously, there is way too much wallpaper. I took the toilet tank off so I could get to the paper behind it. I really do not think I will be removing the mirror to do the same thing. So, just to count, out of the three bathrooms, 2 do not have doors and one does not have a toilet. I know there is still alot to do but it is beginning to look manageable. The movers are coming Feb 1and 2, and the new carpet should come in later that week. That weekend is my husband's school weekend so he will fly to Gainsville and I will meet him there and we will drive back to S. Carolina. It should be interesting since Max, one of the dogs, gets carsick and pukes everywhere. I think I'm going to have to stock up on Dramamine and line the back seat with newspaper just in case.

I told my boos that Friday was going to be my last day. I told him a little over a week ago that I would be leaving the first week of February, so guess when he is going to interview someone to replace me, someone I'm supposed to train. Thursday, as in the Thursday before my last day. Talk about waiting till the last minute. Great huh?

I was reading through some old stuff I wrote for school last night. I'm kinda funny. I would like to post some of it here but some of it, well most of it, is tongue and cheek and I'd really hate for it to be taken the wrong way. I'm debating. It may be worth it.

Oh, I finished a sewing project the other day, I'll post pictures later, if I ever get around to taking them.

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