Thursday, January 7, 2010

Squirrels and Paint

I saw the funniest sign today at work inside the hallway. Funny, not so much for what was on the sign, but for what the sign said to me. The sign read:

"Please do not feed the squirrels from inside the building"

This is hilarious to me because most signs just say "please do not feed the squirrels" and leave it at that. What it sounds like is this place had tried to get people to stop feeding the squirrels but they refused so the building just finally said, okay, we'll give, please just don't feed the squirrels from inside the building. Classic.

We finally got the grout to where we can accept, even though I still have a slight grout haze on my toes and I have had 4 showers now. We decided that the haze was gone enough to move the appliances and other stuff back to the kitchen. I have my laundry room back but no time to do laundry and a kitchen back but no time to cook. I like work but I hate the time. I'm used to having at least one day during the week to get everything dine but now my only days off are the weekends. Blegh. Now that everything is put back, I can see how messy the house is and now I see that I really need to clean it. Tonight. My family is coming over tomorrow to help paint and I really can't let my mom see how messy the house has gotten. I know she will read this and then the cat will be out of the bag, but at least she won't actually see how messy it is.

Apparently my shoes were the topic of conversation in the break room today. I have gotten lots of comments about my shoes, and alot of comments from the residents about how skinny I am, but I thought it was funny that my shoes were conversation worthy. My accessories have a habit of being considered noteworthy. I have been told a few times that someone was in a conversation and talking about my shoes, or earrings, or outfit, etc. I think that is so weird. Why would anyone talk about me? It's just beyond my comprehension.
So this wekend my family came over and helped me paint. Alot still needs to be done but we got 2.5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms painted. I'm still removing the wallpaper from the master bathroom and the wallpaper boarder from the top of the master bedroom. Aside from that the trim and doors needs to be painted. Then we will replace the carpets. Man we have a lot to do.

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